Liang Yu

Executive Vice President, Technical Services

Liang YuLiang Yu was appointed Executive Vice President, Technical Services in 2016. In this role, Liang leads the Technical and Operations Solutions, Deepwater Excellence and Supply Chain Management businesses for CNOOC International. Liang is a professional engineer with over 26 years of experience in planning, design, contracting and managing the execution of a wide range of oil and gas projects.

Prior to holding his current position, Liang held positions of increasing responsibility within CNOOC Limited including VP of CNOOC Limited, Shenzhen; VP of CNOOC Deep Sea Development Limited and Project Director of CNOOC Deepwater Gas Development Project. He has also held management roles at other organizations including Amoco, Devon, Statoil and Husky.

In the last 10 years, Liang has managed the execution of a number of large scale deep water gas projects in the South China Sea from the design phase through to completion.

Liang was educated as a naval architect from Jiaotong University of China, and is currently completing his PhD in Petroleum Engineering at South West Petroleum University in China.